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This is up to you in your planning stages.
If you know in the future you would like a larger building but it’s not in the budget now.
There are two ways to enlarge.
For length you would want to request a fully loaded expandable end wall on the left or right endwall. This will allow you to add another bay or more to the length of your existing building easily. The endwall can be removed and additional length installed maintaining a clear span design. If this is not requested when designed, than you must leave the end wall columns and loose the clear span use.
Another way to expand is adding a lean to on one side of the building. If you want the lean to added to the width and attached to the main frames this must be determined in the original order if you may want this feature later. The force and weight of a lean to, along with the snow and wind loads must be accounted for in the original building so the support will be there for when you do enlarge.  If you add the lean to to any side of the building with it’s own supporting columns, equal with or lower then the eave line this can be done at a later date without modifying the original structure

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