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Wow, this is always a tough question to answer. Some people are gifted with the ability of reading prints and picture them in real life, these people can also recognize the step by step process required to complete the task. Yet others, well let’s just say not so much.
I have supplied a building, 80 x 240 x 18 with several large openings, one of which was for a Hangar door in upper Montana. This building was erected in 4 days with no problems. Not to worry, this was a very experienced team who have done many of our buildings in the past. At the same time we have had husbands and wife teams put up their first building together, much smaller of coarse, and have done fine.
Because we are one of the few suppliers that detail the buildings in-house, meaning we make sure everything will fit and lines up, this makes our building much easier to assemble. Along with the additional information from a complete assemble manual and specific prints and notes supplied with the drawing package, this will help you plan your work for a day to day accomplishment. Finally, our staff is all professionals, call and ask when you run into a problem, we are here to help.
If you are a erector or builder, and you find us, you will be ahead of your competition right away.  Quick anchor bolt plans, we can send component cut sheets of any piece of a building as the part is made to figure out if an issue arises.  Simple plans, marked parts, we call it bolt-by-number.

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