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Your quoted price is locked until the expiration date on the quote.
If you order the building and we are allowed to detail and send directly to production without delays, then your price is locked in. Also meaning you must be ready to take delivery when the building is scheduled.
Many times due to site conditions or various other problems, we are requested to hold off on the manufacturing of your building. If we know this in advance, we can Detail the job,
send the prints out for stamping, then just wait for you to tell us to release to production.
If or when this happens, your price can be altered by a factory increase.  In the event of a factory increase during this time, we will contact you to let you know how much of an increase is coming and by what date we have to release to the factory. You will have the option of releasing the building and taking delivery when the building is ready or paying the increase.
On occasions, people have wanted to delay the delivery of their building that is already in manufacturing. This is a much larger problem. Our facilities offer no storage for buildings. Your building would be taken off site from the factory and stored at a rental facility. This would cost you fees of up to $150.00 per day plus loading and unloading costs. This storage must be paid before the building can be loaded back on to a truck for delivery.