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This is more of a question of who you are and what you are most comfortable with. A smaller supplier can spend much more time and attention with you to develop your particular needs.
Many times going to a smaller supplier you are receiving additional benefits and faster responses that the large manufacturer does not supply or can’t supply in a timely manner.
If your supplier is offering their Detailing, Engineering and support, you are much better of staying with them. Many of these smaller suppliers have access to several large manufactures and can utilize which would be the best to fill your needs.
These smaller suppliers purchase many buildings yearly from the manufactures and often receive a discount that the manufacture will not offer to a single or one time buyer.
The final resolve is the service you receive will be far better with the supplier you are most comfortable with and not necessarily the largest.
Also we have hear that some factories paperwork is difficult to deal with and it is difficult to really understand what you committed to buy.  We send out plans before a sale if requested.

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