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There are a few things that can make the delivery process run much smoother.
Access for the truck and trailer. This will be delivered on a 48 foot long flat bed trailer. The driver needs access to the site drop off and room to turn around.
First, have a digital camera ready. You will want to take a picture of any damaged parts from the delivery. Please try to include a picture of the part number. Mark any damage on the Bill of Lading and have the driver initial. Do not attempt to remove cost from the COD, the driver will accept nothing less than the full amount due. Rapidset will take care of replacing material as fast as we can, the driver only delivers.  The panels come with cover sheets that look bent up on the sides.  These are meant to protect what you are using so it is normal.
Second, have your Certified Bank check for the COD balance in had, for the full amount.
Keep in mind, only the full amount will work. Do not plan to withhold a retention of any amount. Any missing or damaged parts, Rapidset will take care of for you, not the driver.
Third, have the equipment required to unload. We strongly suggest a 5 ton all terrain fork lift, capable of lifting 15 feet. Our drivers are not responsible for unloading your material. At this point take a full crate inventory and initial on the Bill of Lading.
A cleared, level spot on your site to stack material, along with tarps to cover if rain or snow maybe in the future. Follow instructions provided by our green manual.
You will have 2 weeks to perform a full inventory of parts. If this time goes by, we have to assume site theft rather than missing parts. Rapidset will ship you any missing parts as quickly as possible so not to disrupt erection of your new building.

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