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First, you will need an all terrain fork truck capable of lifting 5000 lbs at least 15 feet.
Depending on the height of your building, you may require a scissor lift for installing sheeting and making bolt connections at rafter splices and column to rafter splices.
This can be a great help when installing sheeting and insulation.
Second, you will require a chop saw or some way to cut steel. If you have field located openings there may be girts you will have to cut to get the framed opening in place. Some items will arrive in 20 foot sections and must be cut to size in the field such as base angle or channel.
You will need metal shears or snipes for sheeting and most trim.
Finally a torque controlled screw gun. The fasteners for the sheeting are mostly self drilling but it is extremely important that you fasten them to the torque required to bottom out the cone washer on the head of the screw and not over tighten.
Lastly patients, do not cut or change something because you don’t think it’s correct.
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