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This is why we suggest you to have a digital camera ready. Damage can happen during delivery due to loads shifting or not being properly secured. Take a picture of damage and be sure to get the part of crate number included in the picture. Mark these items on the Bill of Lading and have the driver initial on each item.
After you have taken the crate and bundle inventory, sign the Bill of Lading and let the driver get on their way. The driver is not responsible for damage or missing parts, Rapidset Buildings will take care of you and ensure all is corrected for you.
You will have 2 weeks to ensure all material is delivered. This will require an in-depth inventory of all parts, trim, fasteners bolts, all accessories. If more parts are damaged or missing, Rapidset will supply and correct, please do this in a timely manner, keep in mind we do not have spare parts lying around your parts where all built to order with your building. Give us enough time to manufacture any parts you may need.

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