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Many people will call and just want a basic cost for the size building they require.
This question can not be answered with a spreadsheet.
The cost of a building evolves more than just width and length for the square foot cost.
Height is also a major concern, if you wish color and the amount of openings you will require.
However the largest affect on the cost are the Codes and Loads required for your area.
A typical 40 x 60 for Dallas, TX has a small snow load of 3.5 psf, while the same building in Truckee, CA for snow removal equipment requires 250 psf. This same building in Phoenix, AZ with a 90 mph wind, cannot be compared to a building in Miami, FL at 175 mph. The seismic requirements and building category will also affect the overall price.
We design and manufacture buildings for all of North America as well as exports for other countries. There is no such thing as a standard price. The best way is to get a very accurate price including delivery, this is the only way you will know if your budget is going to work. This quote cost you nothing if you have us do it or you use the design and quote system at