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Our buildings are a bolt together package.
The frames or primary steel is welded plate which allows us to taper the rafters and columns, this method uses less steel than the conventional straight hot rolled steel.
This welded plate method also allows control over each flange and web thickness, keeping weight down to a minimum, steel is still purchased by the pound. This allows us to add steel only where needed, depending on building size, environmental loads and applied loads depending on what type of building you require.
The secondary steel is cold rolled steel of various gauges, again depending on the strength required by loading.
Finally, the sheeting is industry standard 26 gauge, never smaller (except interior liner). User has option to go to 24 gauge if they wish.
Fasteners for sheeting are long life fasteners with a one piece cup for the EPDM seal. This prevents over tightening and fracturing the washer used to seal the hole.
All bolts used to connect frame members are HD 325 steel bolts and nuts, all bolts for secondary steel are 307 high strength steel bolts and nuts.
All buildings are supplied with foam closures for a air and bug tight seal.

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