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Steel Building Types

For arenas of any type, riding, sports or concert, the obvious choice is steel because a pre-engineered steel building can span great distanced compared to wood. They typically have lower insurance costs as well.
Aircraft hangars need large open spaces with a wide opening.  A pre-engineered metal building kit is ideal for this use.  We work with many hangar door suppliers.  We know hangars!
Rigid frame steel buildings are ideal for truck transfer stations, industrial manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and a multitude of other industrial and commercial uses.
Typically Farmers and Ranchers are the most resourceful business people, that’s why they choose pre-engineered metal building kits! They know how easy they are to assemble and last decades. They also know that over the life of a building, including insurance, the cost is much less.
Institutional / Industrial buildings need to be durable for very heavy use.  And usually with special needs like cranes, point loads, special openings or beam placement for manufacturing.  The obvious answer is a well designed metal building.
Metal building kits work for homes too! A bit of ingenuity can easily gain larger square footage. Creativity is needed by using upgraded materials for the exterior like stone, stucco or special panel or maybe plywood with a typical house siding.

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30 x 40 x 12 Metal Building

This design is a 30 x 40 x 12 for delivery to AR 71654.  The design uses code IBC 12, 115 mph wind speed, exposure ‘B’, roof snow load 7 pdf, a collateral load of 0.05, and seismic zone ‘C’.

40 x 75 x 14 with high roof snow load

This design is a 40 x 75 x 14  for CO 80907. The design uses code IBC 09, 90 mph wind, Exposure ‘B’, Roof Snow Load 60 psf, Collateral 0.5psf, and Seismic Coef 0.339

60 x 60 x 14 Hangar designed for NC

This hangar design is for a hydraulic style door; IBC 15′, 110 wind speed, 10.5 psf roof load seismic zone ‘C’.  Sheeting and trim are included for the door on this one.

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We ship from 36 locations across the United States, UAE and India!

Why Rapidset Metal buildings?

Rapidset Metal Buildings is a Colorado Springs-based company with 36 shipping locations around the globe, has over 20 years of experience serving clients worldwide, providing five-star, start-to-finish metal building services. We cover the whole spectrum of industries, from medical clinics to equestrian arenas, and even homes.We mean start-to-finish. Based on your needs, we design, engineer, detail and ship prefabricated steel buildings to your building site, serving professional builders, steel erectors, and pre-engineered metal building resellers.

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    Since 1992 Rapidset has Designed & Shipped Thousands of Steel Buildings!
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