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FREE Online Building Design Tool

Basic Mode - Overview

This help video is a simple overview for a basic design. It will show how easy the design is to quote your building. Simply enter the width, length and height and on the walls enter the openings you want and let the system work. Once the engineering program in the background completes the design then enter which accessories you want and it produces a quote. I you click next it will produce plans and after the plans you can click the virtual walk around or walk though for the building you just designed.

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Basic Mode - Building Designer Videos (1-10)

These 10 short help videos shows you the steps and options for designing your building in simple mode.

Advanced Mode - Building Designer Video (1-1)

Below is a short help video on the advanced mode for our online design system.  In the video it will show how to turn on the advanced mode.  Some of the available options are exact bay spacing, different bracing, exact offset for framed openings. And in the future we will be adding more features to the advanced mode.

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