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Rapidset offers prefabricated metal offices & pre-engineered metal buildings. Rapidset metal buildings are the best option out there for not only you as a designer but for the people who need to come to work every day and earn a living.

Office Metal Buildings

The US worker is made up of more than 157 million people. They are ready to spend the majority of their waking hours in office buildings. Since people spend so much time in their office space, it’s crucial that these buildings are sturdy, liveable, well-insulated, and generally pleasant places to be.

If you’re someone who’s in charge of designing prefabricated metal office buildings, it’s crucial that you keep in mind the best interests of those who will be spending eight hours a day there. While there are a lot of different options for designing and erecting a commercial building, nothing quite matches up to pre-engineered metal buildings that you can customize and design.

How are Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Constructed?

The building is going to be built from scratch. It means that you can choose the width, height, and location of openings such as doors and windows. You can add as many or few walls to the building’s interior structure if you have various departments within your offices, such as accounting, sales, and customer service. This will allow you to block off different departments of business from one another so that businesses can function smoothly. On the flip side, if you want more of an open floor plan, you don’t need to add any additional dividing walls to your structure.

Once your building is designed, our construction crew will take your design into our own hands and get to work. We use multiple slabs of heavy steel for the foundation of your building and fit them together in a sturdy way. With the technologies at our disposal, we can equip them to be even more resistant against the wind than they otherwise would be.

The Design Process

As we said before, Rapidset steel buildings are 100% customizable. However, what we haven’t discussed yet is how simple the design process actually is. The software on our website lets you select various dimensions for your building. It also lets you create a layout, and add accessories onto both the interior and the exterior of your structure.

When you first begin to design prefabricated metal offices, you’re going to need to fill in some basic details. These details include the name of your building and the location that it’s going to be built-in. After that, you can select the basic style of building you want. Whether you want a simple single-post building or a fly-through hanger with hydraulic doors, we have an option that you’re sure to love.

After making your selection, you’ll need to enter the dimensions that you want your building to be. You can easily enter the width, height, and length into our software to make it easy to get a quote.

After entering some codes for your building, you’ll be taken to a page that allows you to select the specific layout of your building. It’s here that you’ll be able to add walls to the interior of your building, annexes, and rooms.


After that, it’s time to have some fun! You can now make your vision come true by incorporating doors and windows into your building structure. You will be able to place gutters and vents around your building and add insulation. This will ensure that your employees are able to remain comfortable when in the workplace by regulating temperature and airflow.

Additionally, you’ll be able to choose the colors of your building at this step in the process. Since our designers are committed to making your building look exactly as you want it too, we offer a variety of colors for siding, walls, eaves, and more. There are a wide variety of options out there if you want to open office space. But none are as affordable, versatile, or durable as Rapidset metal commercial building.

Why Rapidset Metal buildings?

Reliable and customized designs
Cutting edge designing process
Free online pricing tool
Easy bolt-by-number assembly
Over two decades of experience
Value for money
Unmatched in quality and craftsmanship
Excellent customer service

Now that you know why prefab metal office buildings are the perfect option, it’s time to get started with the design process. Click here to follow the steps outlined in the above section and design your office building. After that, we’ll give you a quote so that you know exactly how much your building will cost. When you contact us, we’ll discuss plans for financing so that you can easily afford the completion of your project.