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Everyone at Rapidset Metal Buildings is committed to delivering the best value in steel buildings for our customers. For projects ranging from workshop buildings to large warehouses, Rapidset Metal Buildings customers benefit from our knowledgeable staff and our belief that customers deserve to receive courteous and timely help through every step of the process, from planning a purchase through assembling a building.
Since 1992 RapidSet has Designed & Shipped Thousands of Steel Buildings!

Why Choose Us?

Designing and purchasing a metal building can be overwhelming and with so many steel building providers available, you may wonder why you should choose a Rapidset Metal Building? What sets us apart from our competitors?

The simple answer is that we care. Our skilled sales team makes sure that the building you receive is a building that meets your needs, meets the design requirements of your locale but most importantly that your steel building is an attractive building that you are proud to own. Our buildings are never cookie-cutter. While we don’t have “standard buildings", our metal building packages include 26 ga. classic roof and wall panels in a variety of colors, and a full 26 ga. trim package. In addition, we offer a range of accessories such as premium paint options, 24 ga panels, standing seam, gutters and downspouts, and more!

Our sales team prides itself on taking the time to design the exact building your are envisioning. As with anything in life, sometimes issues arise. We want to ensure that our customers always have a wonderful experience when dealing with our company. So the service doesn’t end with the sale. We pride ourselves on our customer service. We are always willing to answer questions or troubleshoot any issues that you may encounter before, during, and after the we have gained your business so that your experience is positive from beginning to end.

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About Rapidset Metal Buildings

Our Mission/Vision/Values

Listening is vital

“You have two ears and one mouth to listen twice as much as you talk”. At Rapidset Buildings, we abide by this statement. We make valiant efforts to understand our customers’ needs and wants before we enter the design phase.

Quality is key


From hangar buildings to church buildings, from farm buildings to commercial buildings, we pride ourselves in living above the line in design to create products in which our customers can be confident and secure.

Cutting edge design process

Our design software not only calculates the structure’s engineering requirements; however it also communicates directly with the steel building assembly lines to eliminate the probability of human error. This unique design system creates a lasting structure catered to each customer.

Experienced engineers

Rapidset Building’s engineering experts have experience working in all the United States and in countries around the world.

Smooth fabrication process:

Each of Rapidset’s buildings is manufactured by one of the leading technical trade teams in the United States. In order to ensure the utmost quality, our technical systems cooperate directly with the factory assembly line systems. At Rapidset Buildings, our experience informs and enhances the quality of our work, especially in fabrication. We pride ourselves in removing the barrier of misinformation from our fabrication process. This step will not only prepare our customer’s building for efficient erection, but also ensure a safe and complete transport of each and every steel building.

Because of our design process

and their extensive experience, our steel buildings are manufactured with the ability to withstand almost anything their surroundings may offer. Snowfalls, wind storms, earthquakes– a Rapidset building is ready.

Superior Work Can Be Done Efficiently

As our builders, erectors, and resellers testify, our years of experience have helped us hone our process. Therefore, guaranteeing the fastest and most efficient build possible while maintaining our high standards of quality.

Our job doesn’t stop

at design and fabrication. At Rapidset Buildings, shipping buildings is as important as designing them. When your delivery date is set, it will be there. All of it.

It’s all in the details

Our customers can testify that the team at RapidSet Metal Buildings approaches every detail of one of our steel buildings with consideration and caution. That kind of precision allows us the honor of delivering first-class customer service, from the first conversation to the final details of the build.

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