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Prefabricated Military Buildings | Rapidset Metal Buildings

Metal Buildings for military use

The military has many needs for different types of buildings. Some temporary, some offices and meeting rooms but a lot of the buildings they have are simple. If you have been on base, often metal pre-engineered buildings are very common. On base, the need might be the PX, the mess hall, hangars, barracks, etc. At a US base, the need would be a more permanent structure.

Bolt Together Structure

A pre-engineered bolt-together building is a solution when you have a lot of people that can be directed to bolt together a building. Within the command structure of the military, each branch has an engineering and construction division. They would generally tackle larger projects. Whether big or small, Rapidset Metal Building has simple plans that can be easily executed in the field. The plans also have a wireframe 3D, where it shows the general finished structure shape and size. There should be no welding or cutting; sometimes, holes are needed in wall girts for flush wall X bracing. We call it “bolt by number”.

For Base Operations outside the US

We have been asked to provide a building detailed to be very small pieces to fit in a C-130. We can do that because we detail in house. If the building is to be shipped to a field location in pieces, just let us know the requirements to provide a building anywhere in the world, and we can do it. We can ship from both costs with fabrication close by. We have experience exporting and detailing to ship by container. One of the buildings we shipped to the military was for ammo storage, where the special design accounted for “interior pressure”.

Yes Sir, Colonel

One time we had a request to provide a building to house fire trucks at a bombing range. The fire trucks had to be kept warm so the water to put out the fires did not freeze. I was asked to go see the site, and I agreed.
Instructions were to follow the road to log barriers, and there will be a phone on the post. I picked up the phone, and they instructed me to follow the road across a huge opening to some hills, and behind the hills is the base with air traffic tower for jets practicing bombing. When I was about in the middle of the opening area headed to the hills, black-hawk helicopters slowly raised above the hills headed right for me. All practice, I guess, but it makes for respect for the military!
I got to the base and met with a group of guys. We walked over next to the town, and one guy said: “I want it right here”. My response was, what loads and codes, who can I check with approving the design. He slowly said again, “I want it right here”. My response the second time was “Yes, Sir”. The reason for the story is to illustrate the special needs of the military. And how I believe the uses for metal building kits are endless for the military.

Saber Contract

Often when the military is looking to purchase something, they look to who is pre-approved in their list of those who have a saber contract. We are not on the Saber Contract list, but we encourage the use of our design, price, and print plans system online. It is free and simple to use. Even if you use it to compare price and quality, that’s great. Because we have sold and delivered a lot of military projects in the past, we know that there are other ways to purchase buildings beside the first option. We are available to design what is needed, and the quote is free.
With our experience of providing buildings in many places around the world, we can make it with almost any special request, and also, we can fabricate from many places in the US and even UAE or India if needed. The solution of a Rapidset Metal Building will meet the need.