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Garage or Workshop

metal workshop
It is not unusual for people to think that both structures are one and the same. However, at Rapidset Buildings we tend to clearly distinguish between the two structures. Your garage is a structure that houses vehicles while your workshop is a structure specifically built as a place where you can execute private projects. If your goal for a prefabricated steel structure is to have a place where you can safely and comfortably carry out your private projects with little or no disturbance, then a metal workshop is what you need.
Metal workshops can be an extension of your home or an independent structure, but stationed on your landed property. Whatever your needs are for a metal workshop, you can be sure that we will provide high quality materials and the professional resources needed to build your all-weather resistant metal workshop. These workshops are highly desirable due to their efficiency, functionality, and versatility.

How can we Serve You?

From start to finish, Rapidset Buildings will ensure that you are carried every step of the way. Our team of experienced steel prefab designers and structural engineers will meet with you to discuss and understand your requirements for a metal workshop.
Rapidset Buildings will examine your ideas to see how feasible they are. We will see how your ideas fall into the framework of your property or building while taking notes on limitations and constraints.
Your concepts for the exterior and interior of your metal workshop will be considered by our experts with professional suggestions and recommendations made where necessary.
Our experienced professionals will then conduct thorough research of the proposed location of the metal workshop. This will be done to take comprehensive notes of the expected snow, wind, and rain loads. So as to design a metal workshop that would be capable of withstanding the loads.
The insulation specification of your workshop would also be verified and ratified from the location research.
After the research, the findings would give us a clear idea of the best possible prefab building kit for your metal workshop building project. Our collaboration with you is to see how much of your custom features can be included in the building structure from its inception. The customized features could consist of the color scheme for the exterior of the building, the type of windows, and doors that would be fitted.
Making modifications to the layout of your prefab metal workshop at the design stage helps us in customizing your workshop while still being on-point with your strict budget.
We are there for you from the design stage right up to the construction and on-site assembly. Rapidset Buildings will ensure that your metal workshop meets every possible requirement, specification, and customization that you may need.

What makes your Metal Workshop Special?

Strength: Your metal workshop will be made from steel. Undoubted strength is what steel is renowned for. Steel is a tough, rugged, and durable building material, one that is ideal for your workshop.

Clear Span:

With a prefab steel construction, you have the benefit of a clear span framework. You could have more than 250 feet of clear span framework with a floor space that is free of columns. The free space gives you room to customize the interior of your metal workshop in any way you deem fit.

Pest Resistant:

Unlike wooden structures, these workshops are not susceptible to termite infestation. Also, brick and concrete structures are more prone to rats, mice, possums, raccoons and other pests infestations than steel structures. These pests can compromise the integrity of your building structure, but with metal workshops, the structure remains intact for decades.

Zero Maintenance:

Your metal workshop would require little or no maintenance for the duration of its lifespan. As a matter of fact, we provide warranties for the following;

  • I-Beam framing structure
  • Standing seam roof
  • Galvalume roof

Highly Customizable:

As mentioned earlier, you can customize the interior of your metal workshop anyhow you deem fit. The choice is yours to make as there are no columns and you have a clear span to work with. You can add colors for the walls, trim, and roof of your metal workshop. You can also include temporary interior partitioning as well.

What you need to Know about Metal Workshops

There are a few things you need to know about your metal workshop before you embark on this project.

#1: The Price

In building your prefab metal workshop, there are three things we consider as they directly affect your workshop’s price. The first thing we could consider is the design of your workshop. No two workshops are the same. Designs may vary from one person to another due to differences in custom options.
However, the more custom features you required for your workshop, the more expensive your workshop would be. The second thing we consider is the prevailing price of steel material.
Fluctuations in the market price of steel will determine the overall price of your workshop. Thirdly, the size of the workshop also determines the price of your metal workshop There are many sizes to choose from, for example; 24×23, 40×80, 60×60, 42×40, 40×61, and so on. The larger the workshop per square foot, the more expensive it would be because more material and construction resources would be required.
Ultimately, when compared to other building constructions, these workshops have a higher initial outlay than wooden, brick or concrete structures.

#2: Concrete Foundations

Even though your metal workshop is made entirely of steel material, it would need to be set on a solid foundation.
To this end, you would need to construct on-site piers or a solid concrete foundation on which the steel building will be constructed.

#3: Insulation

The type of insulation to be used in your metal workshop would be determined during the preliminary research of your construction location. If your meta workshop construction will be located in a tropical region, then the insulation needed should minimize heat absorption. The heat from outside and from the heated exterior steel structure should be prevented from being absorbed into the interior of the workshop leading to an unbearable situation. On the other hand, if the outdoor temperature is cold most times, then the insulation should be able to retain heat within the metal workshop and keep you warm despite the prevailing cold.

#4: Time scale

Every metal workshop is unique in their design, constructive specification, customization, on-site assembly, and also construction time scale.
Basic prefab designs would naturally take a lesser time to complete than designs requiring more modifications, features, requirements, and specs.
In addition to this, on-site preparation will also add to the expected timeline from design to assembly.  The piers or concrete foundation would have to be prepared before the prefab steel construct is delivered to site and assembled.
There is a required timeline for concrete to properly cure and this timeline must be observed and respected. If the concrete foundation is not fully cured, it may compromise the integrity of the entire workshop project.

#5: Durability and Versatility

Your metal workshop is a highly durable structure that is sure to be standing for more than a quarter of a century at least. It requires very little maintenance which makes it a cost-effective option in the long-run despite its high initial cost.
Your metal workshop may be durable, but that does not mean it is rigid. You can always modify your structure at any point in the life span of the workshop.
It is this versatility that makes these workshops a desirable option, even more so than traditional construction structures, such as; concrete, brick and wood.
Metal workshops are not susceptible to water or frost damage. Also, they are not prone to mold and fungal attacks like traditional buildings. This means that your overall health has better protection when you invest in metal workshops instead of traditional structures.
Your metal workshop may cost you more money to begin with, but the durability, versatility, resistance to pests, water damage, and microbes are genuine considerations you should not ignore when deciding on what type of workshop you should have today.
Rapidset Buildings guarantees you a metal workshop that will adhere to all your preferred structural design, customized features, and overall specifications.
We listen to your needs and provide you with feasible solutions that would be ideal for your location. All our metal workshop structures can be modified to suit your peculiar needs at any time during the design stage.
You can also choose to modify your on-site construct (at extra cost) as the metal workshop structure allows for such alterations.


All metal workshops are guaranteed by Rapidset Buildings. There are warranties to the structure (I-Beam framing, Standing seam roof, and Galvalume roof) and paint.
You can be sure that when you order for a metal workshop from us, you are requesting for high quality, reliability and expertise from one of the best prefab steel construction professionals in the US.