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Rapidset Consulting

consulting service
We offer a consulting service and strongly encourage our customers to utilize this service. This consulting service is on a single project only basis to ensure the final product is correct and meets all requirements.

The more detailed or complex your job is, the more important it becomes to sit down and go through all of the details of the job and ask the right questions. It is also very important to be absolutely sure that what is being quoted is what you want and need.

There is no better way to ensure a good outcome than having all players together with one set of prints reviewing the same job. Not by conference calls or by emails back and forth, only by sitting down together at the same time.

Depending on the complexity and job location, there may be Consulting Fees involved if we come in person. Please call for our typical daily rates plus traveling costs.

This can all be discussed and agree to upfront, so a very prosperous meeting agenda can be made. Some advance notice would also have to be given concerning the time frame involved; so that office scheduled can be covered by other staff members.

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