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Metal Arena Buildings

metal arena building
Only one of the many uses for steel buildings are arenas, be it sports or riding the clear span availability creates a large open area for many different events.
Metal arena buildings can be everything from a simple cover to keep the rain out. Open wall construction will keep the price down while offering a covered area for your needs. These types of buildings are very popular when crowd attendance is not a factor. The only concern for us is the location of bracing and what type will work the best for you.


These have also been designed for large capacity of viewers to attend events and are completely enclosed. They can include areas for concessions, bathrooms, boarding stalls, locker rooms. Some designs have attached livestock holding areas. The major advantage is the fact a floor does not have to be poured. Many find usage for livestock or events where the interior floor is dirt or grass. When designing arenas for sports activities, there should be proper attention to the type of events that will take place inside the building. The height is as important as the width and length. Internal collateral loads on the ceiling, lighting, HVAC ducting, sprinkler systems, wiring, and speakers all have to be considered in loading the building properly.
The building collateral load must meet all requirements of roof loads. Also, the category of the building may change for agricultural to high occupancy. There should also be a review of inside wall contact during design. Will the walls be contacted by basket or volleyball, people, or maybe livestock leaning against the lower wall. This would require adequate girt spacing and possible internal wall liner panels. These are also helpful in protecting insulation for damage in lower wall sections.
With many large arena building designs, openings, and their locations become very important. Supplies, equipment, or livestock must be able to enter and many times in large tractor-trailers.