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In our fast-moving world, consumers are finding great value in steel buildings. Their clear span design, versatility, and assembly ease make them a good choice for the people investing in buildings for shops, homes, retail space, and storage. The versatility is only limited by your imagination during the design process. The accuracy of the manufacturing of steel buildings makes erecting a steel building quick and simple; therefore, occupancy can be in days rather than months.

4 Major Components

Much like any construction, careful attention must be given to the four major components for standing a building.
First is the excavation of your land area, a good packed flat surface is the start for the whole process. Second, is the pour. The concrete must be poured correctly with a flat uniform surface, dips or valleys will come back to haunt you later. The anchor bolts must be set and squared off to insure fit for the building columns. Third, an erection must be accomplished by the manufacturer’s assembly requirements. There should not be corrections needed if all phases of this project are complying with the stamped prints supplied. Fourth is an accredited building manufacturer. If and only if the manufacturer supplies a quality building with correctly manufactured parts, will this building erect in a fast timely manner with no delays due to parts not fitting?

Things to Remember

Keep one thing in mind when searching for an erector and building supplier. A perfect building can be supplied to a bad erector, or a bad building supplied to a great erector, the same out come will happen, delays and back charges. Things that will hamper erection There are a few things that can not be counted on when an erector gives you a bid to put up a steel building.

  • Is the foundation complete and accurate?
  • Bad weather days?
  • Missing parts by the supplier?
  • Bad fitting or damaged parts to the building?
  • Lack of access to the building site?

When an erector is filling their schedule for the year and planning their crews, they have to take into account the equipment required at the job site, how long it should take to complete various stages of erection, and making sure they can get to their next scheduled appointment on time. When the next job is scheduled and any of the above problems happen, their equipment and crew are in the wrong location and schedules start falling behind. Crews have to wait and reschedule equipment and manpower to return for better weather or new parts. It is very important to us at Rapidset that the erectors have all they need. And also all parts are correct and accounted for. The easier and faster the building goes up is a compliment to us and also a value for our customers.

Erection check list

  • Foundation: anchor bolts are placed correctly and squared, adequate time to set up
  • Road access for building delivery and equipment for raising your building
  • Clear job site around the foundation so materials can be separated and stacked as needed
  • Equipment to unload the truck and manpower to inventory bundles and crates.
  • In the event of bad weather, tarps should be made available to cover building parts; follow manual requirements for stacking material on site.
  • How long should erecting a steel building take? This is a frequently asked question, and the answer is dependant on several factors.

I personally have had erectors putting up a 60 x 160 x 14, heavily insulated with many overhead doors in 7 days, while another put up an 80 x 240 x 18 with a large hangar door on one end and two large overhead door on the other, this took 4 days. If the erector is familiar with the building supplier, reads the prints correctly and the building supplier has detailed the full building, it will need a couple of days in erecting a steel building. On the other hand, missing or bad manufactured parts, even damaged parts from delivery will depend on how fast new parts can be supplied by the manufacturer. This could take a while.