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Metal Crane Buildings

Rapidset Metal Buildings specializes in the Design of a Crane System and manufacture of various heavy lifting equipment, including overhead cranes, JCB, etc.

Cranes in manufacturing, processing, material handling and many other uses are something that needs careful consideration when designing a building to move into or leasing a space. One of the first questions would be “what is really needed”. There are many different types of cranes.

Designing a Crane System

If the facility is to be designed and built with a crane then a pre engineered metal building would be the best way to go. If we were to design a crane we would need to assess the need with a few questions;

  1. What is the max weight it must lift?
  2. How much space does it need to cover?
  3. What is the span of the crane?
  4. What is the maximum hook height needed?
  5. Will there be more than one crane on a rail system?
  6. Do you have the crane – if so the building would need to be designed around what you have?
  7. If you have the crane picked out please provide the spec sheet.

The typical built-in crane system is where the rail runs on the inside of the mainframes of a metal building on stubs that protrude out horizontally from the frame to hold the rail. If , however, the weight is a very large amount, supports for the stubs can be added.

The most common is a bridge crane that runs on 2 rails, one on each side. Wheels on the crane would ride on top of the rail. The wheels might run on the flat surface but often the would have a smaller V guide or sometimes it looks like a small railroad track.

When we design and build in crane system we usually leave the rails and crane to a crane supplier. That way if they have a proprietary rail system it would come as a package with the rail.

If this is the system you need simply gather or think through the above list and send it in for our building design.

Why Rapidset Metal buildings?

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There are many different types of cranes as it relates to a metal buildings. You would need to contact us with your need so we can discuss the best way to meet the need. Call: 1-800-793-8555