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Terminal Buildings

It is simply a space to process and mange people traveling by aircraft. A terminal would also include offices for management, ticket counters, baggage handling, etc. Smaller airports need a space to keep warm or cool waiting for loading their aircraft for their destination. A terminal can really say a lot about the city or community. When you arrive in a new place it is the first place you see. It is a big deal and people need to have pride in their community. Even though there is a lot of moving parts to a terminal it can all be housed in a metal building.
The first thought of a metal building is the ribbed panels which most people think is more industrial looking. A most larger building like a terminal is a building with metal columns, beams, joists, or purlins. But they are often dressed up with stylish panels, stone, concrete, or glass but if you look carefully it is usually a well-designed metal building.

Designing a Terminal Building

When designing a terminal building consideration needs to be focused on the use of the space. Like how much space in front of the counters and how much space behind the counters. At this point, an Architect is needed to figure out the various spaces. When that is well on the way to being figured out we would need to figure the different loads on the building. Like if it has jetways people walkthrough. Or does it have artwork hanging from the ceiling? There are many other possible point loads needed.
If your new aircraft terminal space is in the process of being designed or it is only in the idea stage give us a call. Depending on the size and if it is public or private maybe we can help in the design process and supply a metal building to meet the need. Using a pre-engineered metal building can often save a lot. Otherwise, the parts need to be individually detailed and fabricated a piece at a time with each one being custom. Give Rapidset Metal Buildings a call or design online to move your project forward to a functional aircraft terminal.