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Indoor Sports Arenas

It is all about getting the height, length with open areas for the sport planned out for space. For instance, if the use was for a soccer field (or football if you are from outside of the US). You would need the space of the field itself plus the area around the field. If it was for spectators, you would need bleacher space. Then consider and entry and bathrooms. Playing soccer is becoming much more popular. If an indoor sports arena was available during the winter, it could bring the community closer. Sporting events in an indoor sports arena would give a place to mentor young people, practice your sport, and become much better regardless of the weather.
Other examples would be curling, ice skating, tennis, basketball, even football to name a few. Each sport would have different considerations like if a post could be between fields or courts like basketball. Curling or skating would not need as much height.

Building a basketball court

Another example would be building a professional level basketball court. Here the floor is made in layers with rubber pads under the hardwood. For this, the foundation design would need a recess on the floor, the depth of the hardwood system. And for basketball, they often have the baskets and backstops on a hing from a wall or roof with a cable system to raise them. So space can be used for other sports or events. If this was taken into consideration while designing the indoor sports arena, we would add loads on the roof or walls at the attachment points that would account for the weight and movement of the basketball backstop.
Sometimes large sports facilities would have netting on a cable system. So, the court can be used by different groups at the same time. With the net fully extended or rolled all the way up, there would be a point load we would need to add to the roof system as collateral loading.
If the indoor sports arena was under a very heavy snowstorm and the different loads were accounted for on the roof and walls, the building should be found along with the people inside. The building department’s environmental loading (a heavy snowstorm) would be confirmed for the historically heaviest possible load. So, when your building is designed, it should be able to handle the building department’s established load and the various point loads according to the building’s use. If both are calculated into the design, the indoor sports arena should last for generations.