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Cost Effective Metal School Buildings

Every successful community is built on the foundations of a thriving economy, security, great healthcare facilities, and of course very good schools. Schools play a major role in the community. They do not only act as a citadel for learning, but they also act as a center for community building and social interaction. It, therefore, goes without saying that the quality of  schools in any community is more or less a reflection of the success or otherwise of the region.
There has been a steady increase in the relative price of building schools the traditional way (concrete or wood) and the price of maintaining them.The high costs of running schools over a long period of time has led to communities seeking more cost-effective and practicable solutions.
Metal schools are now a viable alternative option for the building of schools. They are now gradually replacing the old ways of school construction and for several plausible reasons (details of which will be explained later). One such reason is the fact that metal schools have long-term cost benefits to both public and private-owned schools.

What are Metal School Buildings?

Simply put, metal school buildings are those that are made entirely from steel. The school is designed from scratch and a 3D model is rendered to show clients the final output after construction.
Rapidset Buildings specializes in the design and construction of the metal school. Using durable, prefabricated steel metal, your metal school can be completed long before any conventional construction (that is using wood or concrete).
Metal buildings are therefore a quick, safe, reliable, time conscious, and highly durable construction alternative for school buildings.

Why Metal School Buildings?

The more realistic question is – why not? The construction of schools using concrete and wood takes a considerable amount of time to complete.
Metal buildings on the other hand take much less time in comparison. In addition, metal schools offer numerous benefits that traditional construction can only dream of. Some of these benefits include; efficient energy use, cost-saving benefits, durability, adaptable, and dynamic construction designs.
With these apparent benefits, it’s no wonder that metal buildings are fast becoming a preferred choice for school construction.


Many communities across the U.S. are now considering the metal school building construction. The high costs of constructing and maintaining public school buildings have made communities really sit back and reconsider other construction options. Metal school buildings have taken precedence over other valued construction considerations.
Here is the explanation of some of the key benefits of metal school buildings in more detail.

Efficiency Energy Use

If you want to place insulation right under your school building’s roof, then having a metal frame structural design is the way to go.
Batt or Blanket insulation can be installed with ease in between columns within the metal frame structure. Insulation spray can be useful in empty spaces as well as those channels that house the wiring and piping system in the metal building.
With proper insulation, there is a tremendous reduction in the cost of both cooling and heating. Rapidset Buildings can also design your metal school building with a ‘cool roof’ which will further reduce your cooling costs.
The ‘cool roof’ comes in white color. But it is pigmented with a special material that reflects a pretty high degree of solar radiation. This prevents the metal school building from heating up during summer.
The beauty of the ‘cool roof’ is that during the winter months it absorbs heat for use in the building. This ultimately will save the school management a considerable amount of money in the provision of adequate heating to the school.
Constructing a metal school to accommodate natural lighting will minimize the cost of providing adequate electrical lighting. In addition to this, natural lighting can enhance the learning environment in the school.
With proper ventilation in your metal school as well as the installation of HVAC equipment that is energy efficient, your utility costs will be further reduced.

Cost Saving Benefits

The initial cost of building a metal school may be higher in comparison with other options. However, metal school buildings offer something that many other construction types do not and that is money-saving benefits. These cost-saving benefits come by way of…
sustainable maintenance: the cost of maintenance of metal school buildings is almost zero. Metal schools require very little sustainable maintenance in comparison to schools constructed with other materials.
repair costs…what repair costs? The truth is, steel is a very strong material. The metal panels used in constructing metal schools would require next to zero repair costs over time.
minimal use of energy: Constructing a metal school building with adequate HVAC, lighting, and insulation, would save considerable amounts of funds on utilities. In addition, if you intend to install solar panels either as your primary source of electrical power or as a supplementary source of energy, steel metal roofs serve as a perfect platform for such installation.
minimal insurance costs: With metal schools, you will spend less on fire insurance premium payments. This is because steel metal is not a combustible material, unlike wood. Even in the event of a fire outbreak, the steel construction will contain the flames and stop it from spreading to other parts of the school building.
Schools are a part and parcel of every community. So ensuring their long-term sustainability through both short and long term cost-saving measures is a most welcomed idea.
With metal school buildings, there is a reduction in the overall price of ownership; therefore, judiciously utilizes the taxpayer dollars.


You can be sure that your constructed metal school will last for a very long time indeed. Metal schools are for an extended period of time that supersedes what traditional school buildings can offer.
Steel as the metal used for the building of schools is comparatively lightweight, yet it is an extremely durable material. The strength to weight ratio of steel is much greater than that of wood or concrete.
Unlike wood, termite activity cannot compromise metal buildings. Also, metal buildings offer better protection from strong winds, hail, rain, snow, and even seismic activity.
In the event of fire or earthquakes, metal school buildings maintain structural integrity to give occupants ample time to evacuate the premises in a safe and secure manner.
You can be sure that your metal school building will serve as a site for learning for several generations of students because of its undeniable durability.

Adaptable and Dynamic Construction Designs

Steel offers both adaptable and dynamic construction designs. This is a great thing about metal school buildings. It is this flexibility that has endeared many communities to the use of steel in building their community schools. With steel, you can achieve virtually any structural style or shape.
The metal school construction can come as a clear-span structure which makes the interior highly adaptable. If communities decide to use their metal school for some other purpose, then such a change is more than possible due to the structure.
There are no support columns within the building which could make it less adaptable. Within the interior of the metal school, partitioning can be done with tentative walls that are both lightweight and movable.
It’s certain that the wall will not support any load where there is the usage of permanent walls in a metal school building.
This makes it easy to change or alter any wall within a metal school as the need arises in the future.
steel frame school designer

Take Less Time to Construct

Another benefit of metal school buildings lies in their construction speed. Constructing a community school using steel metal takes less time than concrete and wood construction.
The design of all-metal schools by Rapidset Buildings is in accordance with strict and very high standards for quality and tolerance. Also, you can be sure that the local building codes will be met to the letter.
Construction does not involve punching or cutting off parts on-site. This is because all the necessary parts for construction would have been prefabricated to detail off-site and every single hole would have been pre-punched and pre-drilled.
The entire metal building structure is brought to the site ready to be assembled, thereby minimizing any delays in construction. You can be sure that a predetermined schedule is not a guesstimate, but a realistic projection. As soon as the metal framework has been erected, the plumbing, electrical, air-conditioning, and heating will be done by professionals in accordance with the projected timeframe offered from the onset of construction. With a quicker construction time, you also have minimal labor costs to worry about.