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30 x 40 x 12 Metal Building
This example design is a 30 x 40 x 12 for delivery to AR 71654.  The design uses code IBC 12, 115 mph wind speed, exposure ‘B’, roof snow load 7 pdf, a collateral load of 0.05, and seismic zone ‘C’.

40 x 75 x 14 with high roof snow load
This example design is a 40 x 75 x 14  for CO 80907. The design uses code IBC 09, 90 mph wind, Exposure ‘B’, Roof Snow Load 60 psf, Collateral 0.5psf, and Seismic Coef 0.339

60 x 60 x 14 Hangar designed for NC 28713
This hangar design is for a hydraulic style door; IBC 15′, 110 wind speed, 10.5 psf roof load seismic zone ‘C’.  Sheeting and trim are included for the door on this one.

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