• U.S.A. Pre-Fabricated Steel Buildings


Metal Building Sales

If want to make sales a career and you like to talk with people and have a construction, engineering or metal building design background then this is the place for you. We use MBS and our web system to design buildings. We have spent years building tools to help the right sales person. You would need to love to pick up the phone and talk with people all day long.

  • Building design and sales
  • Promote our online design and price tool for builders, erectors and re-sellers.

Presently we have buildings in 49 states and all over the world. So there is no limit. Travel would be an option to land more sales and we do trade shows. We need a team player who studies and understands the skill of selling as a career. Metal building sales experience a plus if from a reputable company.

You need to have the experience of designing buildings with MBS (Metal Building Software in ND) to apply.

compensation: % of net gain of personal sales

The office/job is in Colorado Springs, Colorado