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Nailer – A piece of lumber secured to non-nailable decks and walls by bolts or other means, which provides a suitable backing onto which roof components may be mechanically fastened.
Natural Finish – A transparent finish which does not seriously alter the original color or grain of the natural wood. Natural finishes are usually provided by sealers, oils, varnishes, water-repellent preservatives, and other similar materials.
Neat Plaster – A base coat plaster which does not contain aggregates and is used where the addition of aggregates on the job is desired.
Neoprene – A synthetic rubber having physical properties closely resembling those of natural rubber. It is made by polymerizing chloroprenes, and the latter is produced from acetylene and hydrogen chloride.
Newel – A post to which the end of a stair railing or balustrade is fastened. Also, any post to which a railing or balustrade is fastened.
NM – A type of Romex cable (nonmetallic sheathed cable that contains several conductors). The cable, which is flame-retardant, is limited to use in dry locations only and can not be exposed to excessive moisture.
NMC (Non Metallic Conduit) – A type of Romex cable (nonmetallic sheathed cable that contains several conductors). NMC may be used in damp or corrosive locations as well as dry areas.
Nonbearing Wall – A wall supporting no load other than its own weight.
Non-Destructive – A phrase describing a method of examining the interior of a component whereby no damage is done to the component itself.
Non-Drying (Non-Curing) – A sealant that does not set up or cure. See Butyl.
Non-Sag – A sealant formulation having a consistency that will permit application in vertical joints without appreciable sagging or slumping. A performance characteristic which allows the sealant to be installed in a sloped or vertical joint application without appreciable sagging or slumping.
Non-Skinning – Descriptive of a product that does not form a surface skin.
Non-Staining – Characteristic of a compound that will not stain a surface.
Nosing – The projecting edge of a molding or drip. Usually applied to the projecting molding on the edge of a stair tread.
Notch – A crosswise rabbet at the end of a board.
Nozzle – The tubular tip of a caulking gun through which the compound is extruded.
Nuclear Meter – A device used to detect moisture by measuring slowed, deflected neutrons.

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