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The Benefits of Metal Buildings for Horse Stables

Here, we’re going to discuss why stables made of steel metal are the right choice for building and maintaining a secure horse stable. Read on for more information about why this alternative is the best out of many options!

Steel Horse Stables: A Safety Measure

As someone who works with horses, their safety is likely your top priority. Not only are horses magnificent animals that you’ve likely grown fond of, but they cost a lot of money. Replacing horses is tricky and expensive. It’s just generally an issue that you want to avoid. Here, we’re going to share how metal buildings are the best way to stop your horses from ending up in harm’s way, so read on if you want a higher level of security for your animals.

Wind Bracing Technologies

Because metal buildings are made from large and heavy frames that stand upright, they can fall over in the wind. Worse than that, if one side of your metal horse stable falls down, it’s going to take the other sides of the building down with it like a giant domino. Fortunately, with the use of our wind bracing technologies, this isn’t going to happen to your structure.
There are many different forms of wind bracing, and which one we apply to your building greatly depends on the structure’s shape and size. When you design your stable, we’ll work with you to make sure that you get the right type of wind bracing for your individual needs.

We also will brace every part of your building against strong winds. Both end wall bracing and side wall bracing are essential parts of creating a sound metal structure. Our wind bracing technologies will ensure that your stable doesn’t collapse, causing you a lot of money in property damage and potential harm coming to your horses.

Protects Against Natural Disasters

In 2019, America had its share of natural disasters. From fires to floods to tornadoes to hurricanes, all fifty states that we serve saw some level of extreme weather conditions within the past year.

Wood buildings are by far the most common alternative to metal, and they see a lot of damage during natural disasters. In floods, for example, wooden buildings end up with a lot of water damage. The water wears at the wood and seeps inside, which in turn become moisture and mold damage. On the flip side, wood also goes up like kindling in the event of a wildfire. Rot and pest infestations are also prevalent in wooden stables because that’s where termites and wood-boring insects like to make their homes.

Metal buildings don’t have these issues. Steel is waterproof as well as fireproof, so a flood or wildfire is less likely to damage your structure. As we’ve discussed, the winds from tornadoes and hurricanes are less likely to harm your building due to wind-resistant technologies. Finally, there are no pests that have the capacity to destroy metal buildings. Any insects or rodents that enter into your stables can easily be exterminated or thrown outside.

Safe for Horses

Because horses are trapped standing up in their stables for long periods of time, it’s only natural that they become restless occasionally. Some horses will chew wood and kick stalls if they get frustrated or their feet begin to hurt. Many of them will also grab onto objects like rails and stall doors and begin to pull them. Generally, some misbehavior from your horses when they’re secured in a stable is bound to take place.

These behaviors can not only destroy your structure, but they can also injure horses. A horse kicking through a wooden rail may get a huge splinter in its leg. If a horse chews on a concrete stable, its teeth may break. These are scenarios that you obviously want to avoid.

Horses can’t kick through or chew through steel, meaning that it’s safer for them than other materials. Generally, this is a much safer environment for a horse than a wooden or concrete stable is.

The Run-Down on Money

Safety comes first, but money is a close second. That’s why we’re committed to giving you a good value on your horse stables.

Steel buildings cost a lot less to set up and maintain than other materials do. As we already have established, you would need to pay a lot of money for the upkeep of wood or concrete stables if a disaster were to strike.

However, steel stables have a wide variety of economic benefits that have nothing to do with what-if situations.

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