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aircraft hangar design

Aircraft Hangar Buildings

Aircraft hangar buildings present some unique challenges. A hangar building looks simple enough – just a rectangular building with lots of open floor space, right? While they do, indeed, look simple, appropriate aircraft hangar design requires careful attention.

All the normal design considerations of typical pre-engineered metal buildings apply to aircraft hangars also. Wind, roof loads, and local building codes must be met, along with any other restrictions that may apply to the specific building location. The big difference for a hangar; however, is that it requires one or more very large doors to operate and hang from the building frames. The type, height as well as width of the door are very important to correctly design the hangar structure. Careful attention must be given to the clearance height required for the door. It’s very easy to forget that the tail of the plane swings upward as the plane moves out of the building and down the front concrete apron. Working with a building supplier with expertise in airplane hangars design will help you ensure that your hangar design works well for your specific needs.

Rapidset’s Aircraft Hangar Design

At Rapidset, we understand aircraft hangar design. It’s a passion for us, really. Owner and founder Larry Stevens is a pilot and Rapidset has designed, built, and also shipped aircraft hangars around the world. We have completed hangar projects for the Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Homeland Security, and various military branches. We are knowledgeable about the different types of aircraft. And, we work closely with hangar door manufacturers, making sure the building design accommodates whatever door you choose. Also, we have working relationships with a number of engineers. So, we can refer you to someone to help design your foundation and footings required to handle your building’s load requirements.

A well-designed steel aircraft hangar provides low cost-per-square-foot, excellent versatility, durability, and also the flexibility to accommodate any aircraft. Whether you need a small hangar for recreational use or a large hangar for multiple aircraft, a Rapidset building is your best choice. Contact us today and learn why our customers say,

“Come for the price, stay for the service!”

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