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What is the best steel roof metal building insulation?

Steel roof metal building materials insulation

Steel roof metal building insulation materials good performance reduce energy costs. Product introduction of the metal insulation foil with 97% reflectivity can keep building insulation from the sun to avoid the high temperature in the building.

Steel roof metal building materials insulation good performance reduce energy costs

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Steel building insulation Introduction

The foil insulation with 97% reflectivity can keep it out of the sun to avoid the high temperature in the building. The Rapidset insulation for metal/steel buildings, consisting of aluminum foil and air bubble/foam. The foil can reflect most of the sun’s heat and then the air bubble/foam in the second layer can block the heat transfer. This insulation for the metal buildings is double ensuring the heat-insulated at a reasonable price. It is a cheap insulation material with good performance.

Installation instruction of the metal roof insulation

1. Place the Rapidset insulation rolls over the purlins of the structural roof structure

2. Nail the mesh or metal frame buildings to the sheet of the insulation and attached purlins.

3. Tape the overlap of insulation sheet and with nail

4. Cover the exterior roof panel finish.

Note: Installation instructions and illustrated drawings are recommendations only, while good local construction practices are the responsibility of the installer.


What is the heat resistance of your steel insulation building materials?
The temperature of the insulation performance is below 80 degrees and suitable for the metal construction roof.

What tools are needed for the installation of metal roof insulation?
Staple gun, knife, nails/screws, hammer, aluminum tape, etc.

Why choose Rapidset Metal Buildings insulations?
We are a real factory designing and manufacturing insulation, with the best production capacity, good quality control, and good services.100% QC inspection before shipment. We accept ISO certificates.

Please feel free to contact us, we will recommend the most suitable material and installation metal building plans for you according to your building structure as the condition. We usually respond within 24 hours of getting your inquiry.

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