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5 Advantages to Using a Custom Metal Building for Government Use

Here, we’re going to take an in-depth look at why getting a pre-fabricated steel building constructed for your government facility is the right choice.

1. Easy to Build and Expand

The first major benefit to steel buildings is that they’re incredibly simple to build and add on to.

Metal buildings are made up of many plates of steel. These steel surfaces are easily transportable. They’re brought to the venue that you want your building on as a bolt-together kit. In order to construct a steel building out of these planes, they’ll simply be bolted together sturdily and tightly so that they won’t come apart.

Because steel buildings are made up of many individual panels, they’re also incredibly easy to expand. In a wooden or concrete building, both interior and exterior walls would need to be knocked down in order to make way for an annex to be built. This would not only cost a lot of money, but the construction would create debris and damage that would put that part of the building out of commission. This construction could last for weeks, or even months!

However, metal buildings don’t necessitate this type of construction. Steel panels will simply be removed when you need to add to the building, and new panels will be added to create the additional space you need. The process won’t take longer than a week or so and won’t result in high costs, debris, or destruction. Additionally, the panel that was taken out could be reused as another wall within the newly-formed annex, making it easy to reuse. This is a great way to reduce waste and care for the environment.

2. Durable and Weather Resistant

Those who work in the army, navy, and Coast Guard know that there’s no such thing as time off. Those who actually create and pass laws, assemble in congressional settings, and discuss issues that impact constituents can’t afford to be out of commission for long periods of time, either, since citizens need a place to express their concerns regarding local matters. As a result, it’s crucial to minimize damage to buildings that can inhibit government workers from doing their jobs.

Buildings with wood frames are incredibly easy to ruin or destroy. Wood borers, termites, rodents, and other pests will damage the foundation of these buildings before you even notice they’re there. Since wooden buildings aren’t sturdy, they can also be knocked down by strong winds. Concrete buildings and steel ones alike are sure to have problems with mold and fungi. Issues like this destroy the building and leave those employed there without space to work.

Even if the entire building isn’t destroyed, wood building frames leave a lot of damage to items within the structure. They don’t do anything to keep out moisture, so if there’s a heavy rainstorm or flood, the building’s contents can be damaged. In a fire, a wood building will go up like kindling. Any natural disaster such as these can result in government documents being lost, public funding being eliminated, and the destruction of computers and technology.

However, none of these issues will arise when you use steel buildings. Not only are there no pests that can eat through steel, but our wind bracing technologies will hold your entire building in place to ensure that it doesn’t collapse in the wind. Steel also is waterproof and resistant to fire, meaning that the contents of your government facility will be safe in extreme weather conditions.

3. Lower Maintenance, Higher Value

It’s important for those in public service to have a clean, functional workspace. If they don’t, their productivity will be impacted. This, in turn, is sure to cause frustration among the people that they’re serving.

Steel buildings are incredibly low maintenance. As we’ve discussed, there are no pests that will eat through their frames or cause damage to the walls. They also won’t have the opportunity to nest or procreate, which means less waste for you to clean up.

However, that isn’t even the best part of maintaining a steel building. Steel is an incredibly easy material to clean- you can do it without any chemicals whatsoever! While you would need a lot of cleaners to keep a wood or concrete building from becoming grimy and disgusting, all you’ll need to do with a metal structure is hose it down with some soap and water. This makes cleaning up an incredibly easy process that you’ll never have to stress about.

Because steel buildings are easy to clean, they’re generally better-maintained than other structures. This makes the value of both the structure and the property that it sits on higher.

The building’s value is even higher than it otherwise would be since there are fewer pieces of framing in steel structures than in wooden ones. This makes the foundation stronger because less weight is put onto it overall. This means less expensive foundational repairs over the course of time. And more money to allocate into funding sectors that matter to the constituents.

4. Customizable

When you design with RapidSet, your government metal buildings are easy to customize. This means that it will be the perfect size, shape, and style to ensure that daily operations run smoothly.

Our design software is incredibly simple to use. All you’ll need to do is enter a name for your building, and you can begin selecting the shape and size of your structure. You’ll be able to enter building dimensions at this stage in the process. Once that’s done, you can get to work selecting the exact specifications for your building.

As soon as the groundwork is laid for your building, you can select additional features that make it a liveable place to work. These features include doors, windows, eaves, and materials used for the walls. You can choose the colors of all these additional features as well to ensure that your building has the aesthetic that you’re going for.

Finally, our software will give you a quote on how much your building will cost!

5. Affordable

You’ll get your quote once the design for your building is complete within our software. This leaves the door open for you to contact us and inquire about financing. We’re happy to work with you to come up with a plan that works for you in paying for your building.

An affordable building is always essential, but this is, even more, the case for government structures. There are a lot of important expenditures that any local government, military base, or public office needs to make on a daily basis. An affordable and easy-to-maintain building ensures that there will be enough funding for these projects to take place.

Furthermore, many of the programs and work done by these facilities are funded by taxpayer money. As a result, installing a structure that costs less than other types of buildings is a great way to show your constituents that you’re dedicated to saving money and therefore are dedicated to saving tax dollars.

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