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Do you want to build an airplane hangar?

Steel Aircraft Hangar

Owning your own plane or helicopter is very convenient, but how do you protect it? Have Rapidset Metal Buildings build a steel aircraft hangar. Take a look.

An Aircraft Hangar for Airplanes or Helicopters

If you want to protect your plane or helicopter, it requires craftsmanship. It does not matter whether you use the means of transport for business or pleasure.

And indeed, building an aircraft hangar is specialist work. Rapidset Metal Buildings has a wide range of cold-formed steel airplane hangars that provide the perfect shelter for your aircraft – from microlights to business jets.

In our hangars for aircraft and helicopters, we pay a lot of attention to obtain the very best quality. And that, of course, for the best possible price.

The easy accessibility of these types of aircraft hangars is usually a top priority. That is why we integrate wide gates in our hangars so that you have more than enough space to maneuver your aircraft.


How do you open and close an aircraft hangar buildings so that your aircraft can enter or exit easily? In this picture, we give you an idea of ​​the inventive door system Rapidset Metal Buildings XL doors®.

metal aircraft hangar


  • A free span of your hangar up to 60 m and different sidewall heights available
  • Aircraft hangars with a flat, round, or pitched roof of 10 ° or 22 °
  • You can easily maneuver your plane or helicopter thanks to the Rapidset Metal Buildings XL doors®
  • Optimal connection with the runway
  • Ability to integrate ventilation systems into your aircraft hangar
  • Climate control thanks to various kinds of insulation
  • A unique solution to optimize your foundation costs

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