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Why Is Metal the Right Choice for an Office Building?

Before you can understand why building a metal building is the right choice for creating an office space, it’s crucial to know what a pre-engineered building actually is. In this section, we’re going to dive into what a metal building is made from and how it’s constructed. Read on to learn what makes pre-engineered metal buildings a sturdy and effective choice!

What Are They Made From?

When we talk about ‘metal’ buildings, we aren’t discussing the flimsy stuff like aluminum. Rather, we’re referring to rigid metal frame buildings that hold your walls and roof tightly in place.

Steel is a highly durable metal that’s resistant to pretty much any weather conditions. If there’s a storm or natural disaster, the building will be strong enough to remain undamaged. Because steel is also water-resistant and free of the cracks that a wooden or concrete structure would provide, your building will also be resistant to water damage, rot, and damage from pests.

How Are They Constructed?

Rapidset’s steel buildings are carefully crafted to ensure that they meet your needs. They’re fully customizable, meaning that you can choose different features for your office building depending on your needs.

The building is going to be built from scratch. It means that you can choose the width, height, and location of openings such as doors and windows. You can add as many or few walls to the building’s interior structure if you have various departments within your offices, such as accounting, sales, and customer service. This will allow you to block off different departments of business from one another so that businesses can function smoothly. On the flip side, if you want more of an open floor plan, you don’t need to add any additional dividing walls to your structure.

Once your building is designed, our construction crew will take your design into our own hands and get to work. We use multiple slabs of heavy steel for the foundation of your building and fit them together in a sturdy way. With the technologies at our disposal, we can equip them to be even more resistant against the wind than they otherwise would be.

Why Is Metal the Right Choice for an Office Building?

Now that you know why metal buildings are great in a general sense, it’s time to look into why they’re the right choice for prefabricated metal offices. Read on to learn how working in a steel building can increase profits, productivity, and employee safety.

It’s Durable

It’s a simple fact that steel buildings are more durable than alternatives like wood or concrete. They’re easy to maintain since you only need to hose them down with soap and water from the outside. This means that you aren’t going to end up with damage to your building because of insects and other pests that are attracted to dirt and grime.

Furthermore, steel is both waterproof and fireproof. This means that you’ll never need to fear floodwater seeping into your office building and destroying computers or important documents. If you live in an area that has wildfires, you also can rest easy that your building won’t go up like kindling after the first spark.

We also have wind bracing technologies to ensure that the wind doesn’t knock anything over. This provides an extra layer of safety to your building. As a result, you can rest assured that your employees won’t need to contend with injuries (and you won’t need to contend with lawsuits.)

It’s Long-Lasting

Because of its durability, steel buildings are also long-lasting. As a result, you won’t need to worry about replacing parts of the building as often as you otherwise would need to. This will save a lot of money for your business since you won’t constantly need to be paying for new parts.

The longevity of steel buildings is also good for the environment. Not only do they last a long time but steel is also a renewable resource.

It’s Easy to add to your Building

As businesses grow and expand, prefabricated metal offices are going to need to develop more workspace. Coming into a messy office negatively impacts employee’s mental health, adding stress and anxiety to their day. This decreases productivity and therefore will waste the time and money of your company.

This means that adding to the buildings that people come to work in is necessary sometimes. When you use a concrete or wood frame in building an office, it’s difficult to annex the building since builders will need to demolish walls and cause disturbances with construction.

Steel buildings, however, don’t have this issue. Since they’re made up of metal sheets, builders can simply take one down and create a new building. When you are designing your building ask about expandable endwalls or lean-to options. This changes the dimensions and boundaries of your space easily and affordably; therefore, your business can grow and flourish over time.

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