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Benefits of using steel for constructing retail buildings

Steel is regarded as the best when it comes to a material that offers versatility, reliability, and flexibility. As a metal that has been around for more than 4,000 years, steel remains, to this day, one of the most trusted materials used in building construction amongst other uses.

Quality from the Onset

Rapidset Buildings controls and manages the entire steel building construction process. We take charge of the design, prefabricated steel production, site management, assembly, and construction of your retail building. So you are guaranteed of high quality in all stages of construction.

Diversity of Construction

We construct steel buildings for a variety of retail stores. Whether you own a multinational retail store like Walmart or you want to set up a small scale retail building, you can be sure that we will deliver on your desired specification. Our specialty covers the construction of retail metal buildings for;

  • Grocery and food shops,
  • Home improvement products stores,
  • Furniture retail stores,
  • Car retail showrooms,
  • Car service and maintenance shops,
  • Motorcycle retail shops and
  • Multi-storey retail shopping malls to mention a few.

Flexibility in Construction Design

There is no doubt that steel is a strong building material, but it is also equally flexible. Steel is one product that can be modified in a variety of different ways.

The beauty of steel is that it may require stamping, painting, welding, machining, or roll forming. Each of these requirements can be achieved as well. Indeed the flexibility of steel building construction is limitless.
When designing retail metal buildings, there are numerous things we can achieve based on your requirements.

Steel is regarded as a universal building product and it offers more design flexibility in comparison to other products used in construction, such as; concrete and wood which have glaring design limitations.

Rapidset Buildings provide retail metal buildings with a clear span of steel building construction. Our clear span prefabricated retail metal buildings do not have any obstructions caused by load-bearing permanent walls, tentative wall partitions, joists, and interior columns. This allows you to be creative in your interior design.

Speaking of creativity, you can make use of traditional construction facades in the finishing of your steel building, such as the use of glass front systems, overhangs, and block & stucco.

High Durability

Steel buildings used in retail building construction are highly durable. Ever heard of the phrase – ‘tough as steel’? Well, even though steel is highly adaptable and offers limitless flexibility, it is still a very tough material.
It is this toughness that guarantees that your steel building will still be in very good shape even after a couple of decades. The same cannot be said of concrete and wood constructions, which are bound to have varying degrees of wear over time.

Wood, for example, is open to the risk of termite infestation, combustion, and/or corrosion. Rapidset Buildings ensure that all our prefabricated steel is processed properly as well as coated with high-performance steel coating. These measures ensure that the inherent strength of the steel material remains protected from the elements.

Our prefabricated retail metal buildings maintain structural integrity for a much longer period than other traditional materials. The steel will not crack, warp, split or rot. In addition, the high-performance coating on the steel is fire-resistant, so your steel building saves you money on the monthly premiums you could have paid on a comprehensive fire insurance policy.

Cost Effectiveness

As stated above, steel buildings reduce your cost of taking up insurance cover for your retail business. However, this is not the only cost-efficiency that retail metal buildings offer.

It may cost you more to construct a steel building retail store when compared to the use of traditional building materials. But the truth is steel buildings actually cost much less over time.

On paper, your initial outlay on your steel building construction may be more than that for concrete or wood. Nevertheless, steel offers a faster construction time and requires much less maintenance costs than wood or concrete in both the short and long-term.

Steel is also very adaptable. It can be modified to suit changes in your retail store theme with little extra modification costs.

Energy Efficiency

Retail metal buildings is a great idea if you are concerned about conserving energy. Steel is energy efficient and helps to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. From a business standpoint, by ‘going green’, you open your business up to a number of incentives, such as tax deductions.

In addition, it is an excellent way of giving your business good public relations. Steel buildings also provide a roof that is perfect for the use of solar panels. You can conserve energy by making use of solar energy more often than not.

With excellent insulation, your steel building will help to retain heat during the cold winter months and repel heat in summer. You can therefore save considerable amounts of money on heating.

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