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What Services do FBOs Provide?

Fixed Base Operators specialize in a number of aeronautic service delivery. FBOs carry out activities that will help meet the immediate needs of corporate airlines and private aircraft owners. Some of these needs include fueling, maintenance, lodging and feeding. FBOs are very versatile and tend to offer a wide range of services.

airport support building

These exclusive aeronautic services are highlighted in no particular order below;

  • Aviation fuel sale including the sale of turbine aircraft and piston aircraft fuel.
  • A series of general aviation aircraft line services.
  • Air charter and air taxi services.
  • Emergency air support and scheduled air carrier services.
  • Rental of aircraft.
  • Tourism and sightseeing services.
  • Sale of aircraft.
  • Service and maintenance of aircraft.
  • Aircraft tie-down as well as parking.
  • Hangar leasing.
  • Aircraft spare part sale.
  • Concierge services.
  • Sale of in-flight luxury and comfort items as well as navigation chart manuals and other aviation supply items.
  • Flight simulation and pilot training services.
  • A series of aerial operations including crop dusting.
  • Aerial survey, photography, and advertising operation.

The list of services that FBOs offer is inexhaustible. They also provide a number of rudimental auxiliary services as well. These services are primarily for airline pilots, cabin crew, flight attendants, and also passengers. Some of these services as highlighted before including the provision of lodging, feeding, and convenience.

Courtesy Cars

Fixed Base Operators also provide services such as; waiting areas for passengers in transit and also telecommunication facilities like WiFi access and phone call services.

In addition, FBOs may provide low-cost or free transportation services to pilots, their cabin crew, and flight attendants.

These “Courtesy Cars” enable flight crew members to take short trips right from the airport and into town. The vehicles may be driven by the cabin crew members or a designated driver provided by the FBO. Apart from this, some FBOs also provide other ground transport services like shuttle, taxi, and even stretch limousine services.

FBOs also offer catering, restaurant, and food vending services as well as providing facilities for meteorological information and flight planning activities. FBOs also assist with local handling and they also provide competitive on-ramp rates.

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