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What is a pre-engineered Building and what are its benefits?

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Pre-engineered metal buildings consist of a structural system and a roof, with or without wall cladding. The structure consists of rigid frames made from plate steel that’s manufactured into an ‘I’ shape. Each frame consists of roof beams and columns that are usually bolted together on site.

The beauty of this design is that each frame can span a large area without any supporting columns. This leaves free space on the ground for equestrian activities or other sports. Secondary purlins, bolted perpendicular to the frame, ultimately support the roof.

Once this skeletal structure is in place, supporting structures called girts fill in the gaps to support the wall cladding system. These buildings are structurally sound with or without walls and may have low walls, full walls, or none at all.

These structures have several benefits that you may not have considered.

Time Savings

Arena construction is a lengthy process. Especially when you take into consideration the time taken from design until the first time you ride in it. You can reduce this time frame considerably by choosing a pre-engineered metal building, thanks to several factors.

Pre-engineered buildings consist of tapered built-up sections and pre-cut components. They’re put together according to pre-determined diagrams with clearly designated numbers.

Sophisticated software programs design and produce these diagrams at high speed. Thanks to this technology, design customizations take place almost instantly.

Pre-engineered buildings contain mostly standardized pre-ordered raw materials. So there’s no waiting around for stock.

A highly sophisticated production line uses all the latest tech like auto welders, shear cutting machines, and multi-cutting torches to manufacture the necessary components at lightning speed.

Usually, metal buildings arrive on site just a few weeks after the client approves the design drawings. Everything, down to the last bolt, arrives ready for erection.

Flexible Design Options

Standard sections and connections mean that you can easily manipulate the design of a pre-engineered building by moving components around. There’s almost no limit to the type of constructions you can put together in this fashion.

You can add canopies, fascias, eaves, doors, and windows if you want to. You can leave off the walls, although most horse owners choose partial skirt walls for their arenas.

Pre-engineered buildings are suitable for a variety of applications. You can design a ranch building, a trendy barndominium, a classroom or even a church using these design principles.

With the help of specialized computer software, it’s even easier to create your own custom arena. So much so, you can even do it online.


Since pre-engineered buildings are easy to erect, it takes fewer people less time to put them up. A lot of the work’s already done by the time the components arrive onsite.

There’s no welding involved and everything’s bolted together. The framed openings arrive from the factory pre-punched and good to go. That means reduced labor and time costs.

The standard raw materials involved in pre-engineered structures rarely change. As a result, they’re ordered in bulk, meaning even more savings.
Pre-engineered Buildings are lighter than conventional steel structures, so you don’t need complex, deep foundations to support them.

Low Maintenance

rapidset metal arena buildings

Not only will your metal pre-engineered building save you money at the outset, but you can also look forward to additional savings going forward too. Steel buildings are extremely rust-resistant and strong. For added protection, you can paint your PEB in any color you choose.

Pre-engineered buildings last a long time. As long as you choose a reputable manufacturer and installer for your riding arena, it will stand firm during hurricanes, snowstorms and anything else Mother Nature throws at it.

Environmental Benefits

Whether we like it or not, global warming is a fact of life nowadays. You can rest-assured that pre-engineered buildings are an eco-friendly choice, usually containing over 90 % recycled materials.

What’s more, it’s easy to customize your arena to be more environmentally friendly. PEB’s often have insulation in the form of rigid boards that help keep heating and cooling costs down. You can also choose a low-profile rood and paint it so that it deflects or absorbs the sun’s rays, further reducing your reliance on fossil-fuel-guzzling airconditioners.

An energy-efficient building is first-prize during cold or hot weather, keeping your arena at a comfortable temperature year-round.

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